shipping smartbark
  • Where we ship 

We ship everywhere in the continental US, Alaska and Hawaii. Due to customs regulations and weather challenges, we, unfortunately, cannot ship chocolate overseas. 

  • How we ship 

We use either UPS or FedEx mail carriers depending on the shipping location. 

Please know that we take extra precautions when shipping to warm-weather locations to ensure your chocolates arrive safely.  We use ice packs and insulated materials to protect your chocolates from the heat - at no additional cost to you.   

PLEASE NOTE:  There may be times we feel we cannot ship your chocolates safely due to extreme heat.  If that applies to your order, we will contact you to discuss timing and other shipping options 

  • When we ship 

 There is a 1-5 business day lead time to ship your order, depending on the destination and weather. 

 We ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to eastern states. 

 To other warm-weather and distant states, we ship only on Monday and Tuesday.  This ensures your order is not sitting in a hot distribution warehouse over the weekend.   

Orders placed after 3:00 PM on Tuesday (3:00 PM Wednesday for eastern states) will not ship until the following week.  

  • Package Delivery 

A tracking number will be provided via email once your order has shipped. 

We cannot guarantee an exact delivery date. 

  • Gifting smartBARK!

We ship our chocolates with ice packs and insulation, but please be sure your recipient knows that a gift will be arriving, so their package does not sit in the sun. 

If shipping to a business, please be certain that the business is open.