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Why smartBARK! Organic?

smartBARK! Organic is a woman-owned business that creates tasty dark chocolate barks in small batches using premium ingredients. Deliciously smooth, 70% dark chocolate meets seeds, nuts, dried fruit and other inclusions for a gourmet take on classic chocolate bark. Plus, smartBARK! is Fair Trade Certified and certified organic as well as vegan, gluten-free and soy-free. What's not to like?

Where else can I buy smartBARK!?

In addition to smartbarkorganic.com, smartBARK! is sold in Northeast Ohio stores like Whole Foods Markets, Heinen's Grocery Stores, and Kroger Marketplaces. You can also find it in various locations throughout the Midwest. For a complete list of stores, click here.

Does smartBARK! contain allergens?

smartBARK! is free from most allergens, including soy, gluten, dairy, egg, fish and peanuts. smartBARK! Trail Mix, Cranberry, and Crispy Quinoa flavors are nut-free. The seeds found in our Trail Mix flavor are dry roasted rather than roasted in peanut oil. Salted Almond is the only smartBARK! flavor that contains nuts (almonds). While we take every precaution, please note that smartBARK! is made in a facility that handles allergens.

Is smartBARK! vegan?

Yes! smartBARK! is free of dairy, honey and any other animal products. Being certified organic also makes smartBARK! bee-friendly :) 

Is smartBARK! Paleo and Keto Friendly?

smartBARK! is made with 70% dark chocolate, meaning there is a higher cocoa-to-sugar ratio than most chocolates. In fact, most of our flavors contain only 5 grams of sugar per serving! smartBARK! is also made with whole, organic ingredients such as almonds and sunflower seeds. 

Is smartBARK! Halal or Kosher?

Although our facility is not certified Halal or Kosher, we do not use pork or animal products in smartBARK! 

How do you ship smartBARK!?

We track weather and ship smartBARK! in the most expedient options using ice packs when necessary to prevent the chocolate from meltingShipping is a flat rate of $5 to anywhere in the United States. Due to customs regulations and weather challenges, we, unfortunately, cannot ship chocolate overseas. Learn more about how we ship here.

Where is smartBARK! made?

smartBARK! is made in small batches in Lakewood, Ohio. Each batch is hand-mixed by skilled chocolatiers and provides jobs for many people in our local community! 

Where can I find special offers for smartBARK!?

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