Made with Premium Ingredients

What makes our chocolate bark smart? We start with organic 70% dark chocolate and mix in premium ingredients like nuts, seeds and dried fruit. We use whole ingredients which provide the best possible flavor and texture rather than chopped up tiny pieces. Our almonds are dry roasted, and our cranberries are sweetened with apple juice. Unlike most chocolate, smartBARK! is soy-free and vegan. Because smartBARK! is certified organic, you can be sure in does not contain GMOs.
So many reasons to feel good about smart snacking!

Our Delicious Flavors

Hear from smartBARK! fans...

Smart bark is some of the best vegan chocolate I have ever had!! I have tried all 4 flavors and have not been disappointed by any of them. Knowing it has ingredients I can pronounce, it's vegan, and local to Cleveland makes it even better!

Emily J. - Cleveland, OH

My singing the praises of smartBARK! is long overdue. I have been enjoying smartBARK for a few years now. It’s my go to choice of chocolaty snack. The chocolate itself is outrageously rich and creamy and pairs so well with each of the flavor varieties. I appreciate, too, that the ingredients are organic and Fair Trade sourced. I have to say that I do my best to keep a stash on hand for myself and to share with and gift to others.  Thanks for making such a truly quality product!

Roberta C. - Tyler Hill, PA

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Fair Trade Ingredients, Soy-Free Chocolate