So, What Is Fair Trade Day & Why Should I Care?

In 2004, the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) created the holiday to recognize the importance of the Fair Trade movement. Here’s a beginner’s guide to get you up-to-speed on what Fair Trade is, why it’s important, and how you can celebrate Fair Trade Day which is celebrated on the second Saturday of May. 

What is Fair Trade? 

Fair Trade is a global movement to ensure all laborers are paid more fairly for their work and the goods they produce. It includes prioritizing ethical and safe working conditions as well. The goal is to create a better standard of living for laborers and their families. 


Why is Fair Trade Important? 

Goods such as coffee, chocolate, and clothing are often produced by workers living in less-developed countries. When a product is Fair Trade Certified, we know the workers are being paid a livable wage and their working conditions are safe. This is an important step in helping them improve their standard of living.

Fair Trade Cocoa  

How can I celebrate Fair Trade Day and Join the Fair-Trade Movement? 

Around the world, there are Fair Trade Festivals and pop-up markets that recognize the day.  If you don’t have an event near you, here are three other ways you can support the movement.  

First, you can check your local markets for Fair Trade Certified™ goods. The symbol below indicates the certification.  In NE Ohio, where we produce smartBARK!, we’re lucky to have two shops dedicated to Fair Trade. We recommend checking out One World Shop Cleveland in Rocky River, Ohio and The Market Path in Copley, Ohio. 

Fair Trade Certified Logo

Second, you can swap out your pantry. Once you find Fair Trade Certified™ goods you like, you can make the swap at home. While you enjoy your morning cup of coffee and smartBARK! snack, it’s great to know the workers who produced the coffee and cocoa beans are enjoying a fair wage.  

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Third, you can learn more and spread the word! We recommend following @fairtradecertfied on Instagram. They offer great insight into the movement and provide interesting facts. Their website is a great resource for finding Fair Trade Certified™ brands too! 

In addition to smartBARK!, what other Fair Trade Certified™ products do you love? Let us know by emailing us at