Shipping smartBARK!

If you’re like us, you probably have a story or two about an item that didn’t arrive in the condition you expected. There are important things to consider when buying meltable products online during hot summer months. 

Here at smartBARK! Organic, we take every precaution to make sure our chocolates melt in your mouth & not on your doorstep! Below we’ll talk about some of the steps we take to protect your chocolate. 

First, we use heat resistant packaging. SmartBARK!’s signature, re-sealable pouch is our first line of defense against the heat.  

Second, ice packs are included in your shipping rate. Our experienced shipping team has order packing down to a science. They know exactly where to place the ice packs and how to insulate your package to keep it safe. 

Third, we track the weather and send your order accordingly. For example, if it is a 75-degree day in Ohio, where we ship from, but will be 55 degrees tomorrow (yes, this happens frequently) then we’ll ship your order on the cooler of the two days. We also track the weather surrounding your shipping address.  

Lastly, we choose the most expedient shipping option at no charge to you. It’s typical to choose the number of days you expect to receive your package when you shop online. Instead of having you choose 2-day shipping, 5-day, & so on, we just choose the fastest one for you. As you might have noticed, our shipping stays at a flat rate of $5, so this doesn’t cost you anything! 

We hope you have a better understanding of how we ship smartBARK! and that you keep these points in mind when you buy other meltable products online. Happy snacking!